My scholarship is situated within the academic study of religion, the critical study of race and sexuality, and the history of labor and capitalism. My book Capitalist Humanitarianism will be out with Duke University Press in March 2023. I am also pursuing projects on the history of citizenship pedagogies in the United States and on the cultures of competitive college debate.

I hold a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Yale University, a Master of Divinity from Harvard, and a B.A. in Religious Studies and Sociology/Anthropology from Agnes Scott College. Selected publications are linked below, and more informal descriptions of my work can be found here and here.

Articles and Chapters

“Decolonization, TM” in Religion and U.S. Empire: Critical New Histories (NYU Press, 2022).

Introduction: Classifying Capital” (with Rebecca Bartel, San Diego State University), Journal of the American Academy of Religion co-edited roundtable “Classifying Capitalism” (September 2019).

Parliament of Empire: Charles Bonney’s American Vision,” Religion in American Culture 29, no. 1 (March 2019): 102-133.

The Grammar of Racism: Religious Pluralism and the Birth of the Interdisciplines,Journal of the American Academy of Religion 86, no. 1 (March 2018): 1-41.

Buying into the Dream: The Religion of Racial Capitalism in Coca-Cola’s World,” Public Culture 30, no. 3 (September 2018): 483-508.

Popular writing

Reparative Capitalism,” Immanent Frame (July 31, 2019).

Gay Rights and the Freedom to Buy,” Jacobin (April 17, 2015).

TOMS Shoes and the Spiritual Politics of Neoliberalism,” Religion and Politics (October 1, 2013).

Can Interfaith Dialogue Cure Religious Violence?,” Religion Dispatches (April 26, 2013).

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